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Benefits of Adding a Fountain to a Pond

Pond are transformed from small bodies of fresh water to attractive water features with the addition of pond fountains. There is no better example of this than famous hotels in Las Vegas. The entrance to the Bellagio would not be famous without the fountains, lights, and synchronized music that dazzles tourists. Treasure Island Resort would not be as successful at drawing people further down the strip without the pirate ship battle outside that includes fire fountains, waves, and fountains that splash the crowd. Imagine what a fountain can do when added to the entrance of a restaurant, club, or movie theater.

Beyond Aesthetics

Adding pond fountains have more than simply aesthetic value. Shallow ponds, typically those that are three to five-feet deep, can be properly aerated with a surface fountain. These are called surface splashers and add oxygen to the water while creating a current for circulation. Stagnant or still water attracts disease-carrying mosquitoes and promotes the growth of algae, weeds, and bacteria. The combination turns the pond dirty, stinky, and dangerous.

Aerators for Deep Ponds

Ponds that are six-feet deep or more will not remain circulating and oxygen-rich with the use of fountains alone. There are floating fountains that look wonderful as they move along the pond and will add extra oxygen but will not be effective. The systems required for deep water are called diffused aerator systems and are available in different sizes and capacities. The average diffuser system is ideal for ponds that just reach the six-foot deep benchmark. Most of this system operates at the bottom of the pond.

Deluxe Systems

Deeper ponds and larger surface areas require more powerful diffused systems, referred to as deluxe systems. Differences include more pieces, connected by tubing, that release air into the pond to keep water circulating consistently. A larger motor that cannot be submerged into the pond is needed to deliver the energy-efficient power source. Compressors are used as well, and cabinets are available to house and protect the elements kept out of the water. Other power sources offered are solar and wind.

Where to Learn about Options?

The widest selection of aeration options is found online. Fountains, water features, waterfalls, and fire fountains are also available online, along with accessories. A one-stop and experienced E commerce company, such as Living Water Aeration, offers everything needed for shallow, deep, Koi, and garden ponds. Custom systems can be designed if the large inventory will not meet unique needs. Products are not all that is found online.

Detailed information regarding ponds, fountains, aeration systems, accessories, and how to select the right ones is available via context, pictures, and a YouTube channel of videos. The company, in business for fourteen-years, provides extensive instructions for installation of all products and can recommend licensed installers if preferred. Get answers, suggestions, custom systems, and low pricing without spending a greal deal of time searching for websites.


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